Time for a New Roof? Call a Residential Roofing Contractor

During the early summer, when roofing contractors are swamped with contracts and beginning projects, is the worst time to need emergency residential roofing repair. Why not take care of it now? Consult with a roofing contractor to find out about repair or new roof options in the spring.

Spring is officially upon on us and as the days become hotter and hotter it may soon be time to take real stock of the quality of your roof. Summer, especially early summer, is the standard roofing season; the time for improving your home’s defense against the wearing elements and raising property value with a new roof or residential roof remodel. Before pushing the process off another year or even month and risk losing the choicest building times or catastrophic property damage, the savvy and forward thinking homeowner should take full stock of their roof.

The following are a few warning signs that it may be time to contact a roofing contractor for a consultation or early summer roofing remodel.

Bulging and Bubbling

While a roof may look sturdy and fresh from the outside, shingles can often leave cracks or space for water to seep through. The only real to get a real inventory of if this has happened is to look under the roof itself. Talk a stroll around your attic or crawlspace to see if water damage due to weather is reaching past your roof yet. Check the quality of the boards for cracks, spacing, or rotting signs, and if there is wallpaper check for the bubbles or bulges formed by pockets of sitting water.

Especially be sure to check at points of flashing. Flashing is the vulnerable spot where two separate roof levels come together at a point. As the shingles cannot fully cover these converging points there is the greatest danger of water penetrating to the soft wood beneath.


If your roof is especially high up, it could be hard to see any damage from the ground level. Rather than get out a ladder and stumble around all corners of your residential roof, there is a handy diagnostic method for finding out if the elements are taking their toll on your shingles. Simply check the water runoff from your gutters. If your shingles are being damaged there should be scraps and fragments of shingle material in the runoff, as rain water will carry it as it rolls down the roof. This is a clear warning sign and should be taken quick seriously; if fragmenting presents itself, contact a roofing contractor immediately.

Roofing Material

Finally, a great way to tell if it may be time for a new roof, is finding out how old you current roof is. If you haven’t lived in the house long, check with your real estate agent that you bought the home from. Otherwise, just find out the last time your residential roof was repaired or renovated. For a highly generalized reference, typical materials last:

Built Up Wood: 12-20 years
Metal Roofing: 15-40 years
Wood Shake or Shingles: 10-30 years (depending on repair consistency)
Asphalt Shingles: 15-20 years

When in doubt, consult with a roofing contractor. Only a roofing contractor with a skillful eye for residential roofing will be able to get on a roof and gain a clear understanding of the need for roofing repair, or even a new roof renovation. For any residential roofing question, defer to a consultation from a roofing contractor and protect your home from the top, down.

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